lives of the Mohammedans

you have spared the lives of the Mohammedans, nazism genocide sharia law, Allah akbar: and, therefore, you will pay with your life, and with life, of your people: for all their crimes! [ OPEN LETTER ] to: Benjamin Netanyahu, from: #Arutz #Sheva TV [Netanyahu: all #Enlightened countries, must together to fight terror ] really? but, if ALL the jihadist galaxy, 11-09, MOSSAD and, the CIA have created, in Saudi ARABIA: this said and written publicly: President Francesco Cossiga, and, no coward MASON HAVE dare, to challenge him!
also 187AudioHostem ex- Youtube Master big first boss Synnek1, high priest of Satana said it: also! [ #Netanyahu] You're so coward, that, you won the election, for, a difference of, only one vote: only for, me, and, if you had not supported, by my Kingdom of, Israel? you can not won never made: nothing: without me, by alone! and, now, you make yourself beautiful: with your enemies (that, pharisees, they not want to you), using the strength of, my ministry, for, blessing all pharisees: all usurers, that: they voted against you. for, them 666 AIPAC, you are the good, and, I'm the bad one, you circles in love with them, of, pleasure: to all yours Enlightened all the Satanists Freemasons Pharisees, that, they killed Jesus in Bethlehem, destroyed: the genealogies father to all Jews, have raised the Nazis, and, have planned the construction of, the Shoah, so they made, an evil malefic worldwide evil: against the scam SpA: banking seigniorage: agenda Satana Talmud idol, world, through the great wear: the synagogue of, Satan: BM SpA IMF NWO? and, that, is what you are, also: the scum of, Satan! That's why, your ruin will be very big great. is why, World War weighs all on: your bad conscience! you SCOLDING the HOLY SPIRIT!
You have spit on the blood of, your brother, and, you spit on the blood of, all Israelis: all of, them you have sold, as also: like Al-Sisi has made: in the Saudi Arabia, when, you're worse than a terrorists sharia islamic Muslim?
Traitor is with FUCK, THAT, you GET: a KINGDOM: for, ALL THE JEWS of, THE WORLD: IN THIS WAY! You're an abomination to all the prophets of, Israel, you betrayed the Torah! You were kicked out of, the Kingdom of, God, you will go to hell, where your worm does not die and, where your fire is not quenched! of, Masons regime Pharisees Bildenberg Rothschild NWO: the traitors! We are a nation that, has been totally raped in his identity, sovereignty and, dignity: "get ready to fatal consequences"
 #Benjamin #Netanyahu] WHAT makes you think that, for, me, the life of, an Israeli, is more precious, that, : the life of, a brave good muslim? SCOLDING you, the HOLY SPIRIT! More I threaten death: Mohammedans Nazis (#ALLAH #AKBAR, death to all infidels: #dhimmi slaves) and, more, islamists want to make friends with you, and, Putin (and, you make many money, through my fault, on the blood of, the Christian martyrs, and, on all the peoples who have suffered genocide, until today, from any day: were born the satanic prophet pedophile bestial polygamist: full, as it was: of, fraud: of, demons lust murders falsehood, and, every sin: ie, Muhammad, like, to all peoples that, Erdogan has exterminated in Syria and, Iraq: also today), but, in reality, this is all fiction, about: their friendship for, you.
#Benjamin #Netanyahu] Muslims sharia terrorism friendship for, you? This is only one strategy, of, their genocide: hypocritical Muslim, is only a strategy to lose: the your: and, Russia, Cina: precious time. Then, you instead of, fighting the sharia crime, you do business with him! You are to exploit me: unius REI, only, for, your dirty economic interests, and, do not think to put in crisis: your Demon Pharisee Idol NWO God Rothschild demon Baal: Owl the Pharaoh, this is all your synagogue of, Satan, your: 666 Star: on: false flag Israel, of, a fake Davind king! you are the abomination! you are not Israel! No! you are: a betrayal: of, cut JabullOn, only, an abomination that: YHWH will disintegrate completely from the history of, this planet. All this planet that, you: and, your Pharisees of, the Talmud and, the Kabbalah satanic black magic, you have evil male malefic NWO! you brought to hell all the prophecies of, Israel, and, the history of, the human race might end: prematurely quickly and, seamlessly to your curse Masonic World usurocrazia: the Luciferism.
#Benjamin #Netanyahu] The authority of, Prophet NATAN, over: Saul and, David, is as nothing compared to my authority over you. .. and, you betrayed me!
Obama Merkel Zapatero Satan Rothschild Bildenberg: Darwin GENDER NWO, the 666 monkeys in Sodom, the abomination of desolation: the biggest demon: the priests of Satan CIA: cannibals voodoo SpA FED IMF BM] until, someone worships his god cow. and it takes Eucharistic communion, with its dung seasoned with: chili oil, tomato and arugula, and he, then, he is a peaceful person? then, this is not a problem for me! but these Allah Akbar, sharia law, are the murderers and Nazis: the most dangerous in the history of mankind! they are the theology of genocide and replacement: the worst Nazism: supernatural and esoteric: the complete failure: of every human right, and any freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, and, the denial of the scientific method: critical historical! take them all: on your altar of Satan and immolateli!

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